Local Families Push for Proposed Children’s Hospital

Our very own Dr. Heyman is helping in the fight to get RVA a free standing Children’s Hospital. WRIC recently ran a story highlighting the need for this in our area. Follow the link below to watch the story:

Click here to view news story

Remembering Thomas P. Overton, M.D.

The family of the late Thomas P. Overton, M.D., will hold a memorial service at Trinity Lutheran Church located at 2315 N. Parham Road, on Saturday, November 22, 2014. All are welcome to attend this service honoring Dr. Overton. The family asks that in lieu of flowers, a donation be made to Trinity Lutheran Church, The Richmond SPCA, or The Richmond Animal League.

FluMist Supply Depleted

Due to a nationwide distribution problem with the quadrivalent flu vaccine, our normal shipment of FluMist, that was pre-booked in January, we will not be receiving in its entirety.  We only received a small amount of the FluMist and we have depleted our supply of FluMist.  We will not be receiving any more FluMist for the season.  The providers still recommend that the flu vaccine be given and strongly recommend the FluMist over the Flu Shot where applicable due to the longer efficacy.  We will be happy to provider your child with a prescription for the FluMist which you will need to pick up and take to a local pharmacy to be administered.  If you would like to pick up a written prescription, please call our office directly.  Thank you for your understanding of this issue that was out of our control.

The Passing of Dr. Overton

It is with great sorrow that we inform you of the passing of Dr. Thomas Overton.  He was one of our founding partners and although he had been retired for some time, he will be greatly missed.  Please view his obituary by clicking here.


Flu Shot and FluMist Supply Update

We would like to update you on the flu shot and flu mist information.  There has been a NATIONWIDE distribution problem regarding the Quadivalent flu vaccine, which is the vaccine that we use.  Due to this delay in distribution, we have only received a small number of flu mist vaccines for this season.  Since we know that it is important for your child to be properly immunized against the flu, we recommend that children over the age of 2 years old go to a local pharmacy to receive the flu mist.  Due to the increased efficacy of the flu mist vs the flu shot, we recommend the mist for all children over the age of 2 years.  A prescription from us will be necessary in order for the pharmacy to administer the flu mist.  Please call our office to request a prescription and we will be happy to have this ready for you to pick up at one of our locations.  Prescriptions for the flu vaccine will not be faxed and must be picked up in person from our office.

If your child is between the ages of 6 months and 2 years, the flu shot is required and can be scheduled at our office at this time.  Please call our office directly to schedule this appointment with the lab.  If your child has never received the flu vaccine, then a second shot will be required after 30 days.

Motrin Infant Recall

The manufacturers of Motrin have announced a recall on the Concentrated Motrin Infant Drops, Original Berry flavor in the half-ounce bottles.  The lot numbers are DCB3T01, DDB4R01 and DDB4S01.  Please call 877-414-7709 with any questions.

FluMist Vaccine Update

We have finally received our shipment of FluMist vaccines and we are ready to begin scheduling for FluMist for children 2 and older beginning October 1st (We are not scheduling for the flu shot yet). For children 6 months to 24 months, or those children with health issues that will not allow them to get the FluMist, or for anyone that is around an immuno-compromised family member, we will be offering the Flu shot to be scheduled near the end of October or early November and will update the website as soon as we are ready to begin scheduling for flu shot. If your child is under 8 years old and has never had the flu vaccine, he/she will need to have a primer vaccine then a booster 30 days later. Please call our office to schedule your appointment for the FluMist.

Patterson Office Temporary Closing

The Patterson office will be temporarily closed for maintenance for a couple of weeks.  Please visit us at our Ridgefield or Sommerville offices.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.


Wal-Mart Enfamil recall

Wal-Mart has pulled a batch of Enfamil formula from its stores after the death of a newborn in Missouri from a rare bacteria.  This is a voluntary recall by Wal-Mart.  The formula was in the 12.5 ounce canisters with lot number “ZP1KG”.  The formula tested negative for the bacteria so the maker, Mead-Johnson Nutrition, has not issued a wide spread recall but is working with government investigators researching the batch in question.  If you have any questions about your formula, please call Enfamil directly at 1-800-BABY-123.

Tylenol® Extra Strength Caplets Recall

McNeil Consumer Healthcare, makers of Tylenol®, has issued a voluntary recall of their extra strength caplets in the 225 count bottle due to a small number of odor reports linked to trace amounts of a chemical known as 2,4,6-tribromoanisole (TBA).  The lot number is ABA619, UPC code 300450444271.  If you have this product, stop using it immediately and call 1-888-222-6036 for instructions on refunds.  You may also go to their website at www.tylenol.com.