In January 1961, two young pediatricians, Thomas Overton Jr., MD and Edward “Jim” Wiley Jr., MD, left another practice to start a small practice of their own at 7000 Patterson Avenue. This would escalate into today’s RVA Pediatrics, PC.

Since that beginning, their pioneering effort has led to the development of a practice dedicated to offering the best care for the children and parents in the Richmond metropolitan area.

In January 1968, R. Stanley Kirchmier II, MD joined the practice. With increased growth on Southside, the practice opened a second location south of the James river in 1987. At that time Charles V. Terry, MD joined the practice.

As the practice grew and needed to add more doctors, G. Thomas Rowe, MD joined the practice in July 1991, followed by Jocelyn “Dr. Joy” Vergara, MD in July 1993.

Noting that the West End was progressively expanding and each new area looked like a proving ground for Mattel® and Fisher-Price® toys, a third office was opened on Lauderdale Drive to accommodate our patients as they moved westward. With this new expansion, Peter Heyman, MD joined the practice in July 1997, and Lora Christian, MD joined the practice in October 1998. We moved to our larger office at Ridgefield Parkway in January 2000.

In 1997, both Dr. Overton and Dr. Wiley retired.

In February 1998, we hired our first nurse practitioner, Jill Tarr, CPNP, and because we were so pleased with her abilities and expertise in patient care, we expanded by hiring several more nurse practitioners over the years; Tina Goodwin, CPNP , Kirsten Slagle, CPNP, Betsy Downey, CPNP, Tiffany Lancaster, CPNP, Thornton Beale, CPNP, and Caroline Hughes, CPNP.  Ann Wallace Tazewell will be joining the group in August 2019.

In January 2006, we relocated our Southside office to a new and larger building on Sommerville Court at Midlothian Turnpike and Rt. 288. With the addition of this new location, Melani de Silva, MD joined the practice in February 2007.

Dr. Overton passed away in October 2014.

Dr. Kirchmier retired from the practice in December 2010.  He passed away in May 2018.

This past April (2019), we lost Dr. Rowe due to natural causes.

Historically, we have grown in all the areas of metropolitan Richmond in order to give our patients exceptional service and remain the only group with offices on both sides of the James River.

As we look to the future, we only hope that our successors, in giving medical services to our patients, will uphold the Oath of Hippocrates and the basis of all medical responsibility – caring and service.

OUR MISSION: To be available, give outstanding service, and practice good quality medicine. This is the basis of our commitment to you – the patient.


We were very honored to be featured in the MD News Magazine Richmond/Tri-Cities Edition for July/August 2009. Please read about the history of our practice and information about our doctors in this article.