RVA Pediatrics now offers Lactation Services!

RVA Pediatrics now offers Lactation Services!

Breastfeeding offers premium nutrition to your baby but can be challenging at times. An experienced lactation consultant supports your feeding choices and can make a huge difference in your breastfeeding success.

An Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) represents the gold standard in breastfeeding support. IBCLC’s must have at least 1,000 hours of direct contact working with nursing moms and babies, complete a minimum of 90 hours of lactation specific education and pass a rigorous written exam before earning certification. They must also recertify every five years. This high standard promotes educated practitioners and expert breastfeeding care.

Tammy Rockwell RN, IBCLC is now on staff to work with breastfeeding families at RVA Pediatrics! A nurse since 1981, Tammy has a deep interest in helping new families and has specialized in lactation support for the last fifteen years. Lactation services are available by appointment Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 5:00 PM at the Patterson Avenue location.

Support services include:

Prenatal consultations– Meet before your delivery to help design a breastfeeding plan and address your specific concerns. New and experienced moms may find this helpful.

Lactation consultations– During this 1-2 hour visit Tammy gathers your medical and breastfeeding history, assesses the baby’s oral motor skills, and observes an entire breastfeeding session. Coaching and tips for a comfortable latch are offered and a written breastfeeding plan is given to help you continue your success at home. Your baby is weighed before and after feeding and plenty of time is allowed to answer all of your questions!! Please bring a hungry baby, your nursing pillow and breast pump. Support persons are welcome to join you for this visit.

Back-to- work and breastfeeding consultations– Work with Tammy to develop a personalized plan for successful integration of work and breastfeeding. Topics covered include; your breastfeeding rights under the Affordable Healthcare Act, tips for talking with your employer, how often to pump, how much to put in baby’s bottles, pumping and milk storage and lots more!! Bring your breast pump for a complimentary flange fitting.

Telephone support– Sometimes you just need a quick answer! General breastfeeding questions and advice (for example “How do I pump for storage?” or “ Help! My baby has teeth!”) can usually be answered by phone. For more challenging issues, we may recommend a personalized one-on-one consultation to give you and your baby the highest quality care.