Flu vaccine 2016

Here’s the low-down on this year’s Flu vaccination:

Due to nearly complete inefficacy, we will NOT be offering the FluMist (nasal spray). We recommend even if you are offered the Mist, that you not get it since it did not protect people for the last 2-3 flu seasons.

For now, plan to delay Flu Vaccination until Mid-October since the flu season the past two years has been quite late (extending into March and April) and the vaccine only reliably works for roughly 4 months.

We will only be providing flu vaccine to our patients who are under 3 years of age. This is because most pharmacists don’t feel comfortable giving injections to kids at this age and we are unable to obtain enough shot at this late date to make up for all the doses of fluMist we usually give to the older children.

Please check with your pharmacy to see if a prescription is needed prior to getting the flu shot there.  If the pharmacy requires a prescription, please call our office and we will be happy to print one for you to pick up.