It is with great sorrow that we inform you of the passing of Dr. Thomas Overton.  He was one of our founding partners and although he had been retired for some time, he will be greatly missed.  Please view his obituary by clicking here.


We would like to update you on the flu shot and flu mist information.  There has been a NATIONWIDE distribution problem regarding the Quadivalent flu vaccine, which is the vaccine that we use.  Due to this delay in distribution, we have only received a small number of flu mist vaccines for this season.  Since we know that it is important for your child to be properly immunized against the flu, we recommend that children over the age of 2 years old go to a local pharmacy to receive the flu mist.  Due to the increased efficacy of the flu mist vs the flu shot, we recommend the mist for all children over the age of 2 years.  A prescription from us will be necessary in order for the pharmacy to administer the flu mist.  Please call our office to request a prescription and we will be happy to have this ready for you to pick up at one of our locations.  Prescriptions for the flu vaccine will not be faxed and must be picked up in person from our office.

If your child is between the ages of 6 months and 2 years, the flu shot is required and can be scheduled at our office at this time.  Please call our office directly to schedule this appointment with the lab.  If your child has never received the flu vaccine, then a second shot will be required after 30 days.